Upcoming Exhibition: An Ode To Daylesford

Dreaming Of Here


I hope that you have some lovely things planned for this Easter break.

I am writing to let you know in advance that I am planning an exhibition for the month of August called “An Ode To Daylesford”. It’s the first exhibition that I have done in years and will be a celebration of daily life living in this beautiful country town, with the places, the characters and the beauty all captured from my own point of view.

The show will take place at MADE Gallery, in the historic Raglan Building which used to be the original centre of town (just near the fountain). I wanted to give you plenty of notice so that if you are planning a trip to Daylesford over Winter,  you could plan it for August so we could meet in person, have a chat, and share a mulled wine by the fire.

The official opening is planned for Friday 3rd August between 6 and 8pm, and the gallery will open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the month of August.

I will also send through an official invitation closer to the date as a reminder so if you can make it, please let me know!

Thanks for your ongoing interest and support, and Happy Easter long weekend – enjoy your time off!



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