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Seismic Tomography of Volcanoes

  • Ivan KoulakovEmail author
  • Nikolay Shapiro
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Volcano tomography is a branch of geophysics oriented to studying the deep structures beneath volcanoes by means of seismic tomography. Seismic tomographyis a method for reconstruction of continuous distribution of seismic parameters in 1D, 2D, 3D, or 4D (space and time) using the characteristics of seismic waves traveling between sources and receivers. Seismic parameters to be found in tomographic inversion are in most cases velocities of P and S seismic waves (P and S velocities). For volcanoes, one of the key parameters appears to be the Vp/Vs ratio which can be used to evaluate the content of fluids and melts. Besides the velocity distributions, seismic tomography may provide the information on the anisotropy of seismic parameters which helps studying regional stresses and space-oriented geological structures. In...

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The contribution of Ivan Koulakov is supported by the Russian Scientific Foundation (grant #14-17-00430).


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